The BEWARE Toolkit is your access point to the BEWARE Digital Guide which is designed to support project youth workers in educating and training young people about responsible internet use.

Chapter 1 - Data Protection in Virtual Environment

Chapter 1 will cover the following topics:

  • Internet security
  • Protecting personal data in the online environment
  • Social medial settings and social media platforms
  • Providing information and images that compromise your identity
  • False followers and false profiles
  • Staying safe on social media
  • Use of mobile/tablet application to enhance security
  • Data protection with passwords and backups

Chapter 2 -Cyberbullying: from Game to Misdemeanour

Chapter 2 will cover the following topics:

  • Cyber aggression and harassment
  • Consequences of cyber aggression
  • Victims and aggressors in cyberbullying
  • Protection against cyber aggression
  • EU legal standards on cyberbullying
  • Complementary approaches to tackling cyberbullying
  • Good practices for preventing and combating cyberbullying